The Thermenregion, or « thermal region », stetches on 40 km south of Vienna from Perchtoldsdorf to Weikersdorf-am-Steinfelde along the easternmost summits of the Alps. Known since Antiquity for the presence of numerous geothermal springs as in Baden and Bad Fischau-Brunn, the region also possess an old winemaking tradition initiated by roman legionnaires. Thanks to monks of the Cistercian Order, who established here in the Middle Age, the region is often referred as the « austrian Burgundy ».

It is in this historic region of austrian winemaking that Domaine Goldene Buche was inaugurated in 2011. With vinyards spreading over 25km and several villages, we aim to bring the diversity and the riches of the region on your table.

Throug biological and environment friendly farming, I try to exalt each terroirs typicality. The grapes, harvested manually and sorted carefully, are vinified and aged in traditional oak barrels.